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Connect from anywhere

Virtual meetings enable a company in the High Desert to remain connected on a national or even global scale without the expenses that are associated with travel.

Sonic Systems offers web conferencing solutions that can easily be integrated into desktops, smartphones, laptops, tablets, and a variety of other platforms. Web conferences offer the connection that face-to-face meetings provide without significant increase in costs.

Connect from anywhere

Getting it done without the time and expense

Better communication means better productivity. Local businesses know that travel is costly - not just in terms of monetary expenses, but also valuable time.

Why spend hours or even days sending your core team members to meetings elsewhere when you can simply host a virtual meeting? There are many hidden costs associated with travel - such as meals and entertainment - that are neatly sidestepped with a web conferencing solution.

Even better, superior web conferencing and communication features make it easier than ever to integrate with remote team members.

All users licensed free of charge
No monthly subscription fees
Save on call conferencing costs
Eliminate travel time to meetings
Connect from anywhere

Web conferencing done right: highest quality service

Many individuals shy away from the benefits of web conferencing because they remember a time when web conferencing was extremely limited.

Lag, grainy images, and low-quality audio all contributed to an environment that felt artificial and frustrating. But through Sonic Systems, local businesses in the Apple Valley, Victorville, and Hesperia regions can achieve high-definition, high-quality web conferencing.
High Definition Audio service
Reliable bandwidth management
Connect to crystal clear virtual meetings
Upload files to share with everyone
Connect from anywhere

Connecting your offices through online presence

Employees will be able to see when their fellow colleagues are available for web conferencing; each employee can customize their status to busy or available so that they can control when they're contacted.

This makes integrating multiple offices that much easier. Employees will be able to connect with other employees regarding collaborative projects just as though they are in the cubicle right next to them.

Remote workers will be able to work effectively and efficiently, whether they are on-site with a client or at home taking care of business. The web conferencing solution operates on any platform, so employees can jump on wherever they are.
View colleagues’ statuses at a glance
Customize status to busy or available
Integrated with all connected VoIP devices
Stay connected wherever you are
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