Mobile Communicator App

Take the office with you

Work on the go

With our managed mobile telecom support, you get to experience high-level efficiency on all your phone lines. With Unified Communications app and PBXware Phone system, you can control your time and define your availability using the Presence panel functionality integrated with PBXware.

Available on Desktop & Mobile

Take your office with you while on the move. With our VoIP support, you never have to miss a work call, choose what devices to redirect unanswered calls to in real-time. What's more? you can securely move an ongoing call from one device to another without breaking the flow.

Give your business a boost

Take advantage of of our cloud hosted PBX and stay connected no matter what. Whether you're out of the office or not, never miss a work call. Communicator is available on all iOS and Android smartphone devices.

Enjoy exceptional user experience

The software we use for you offers a completely intuitive interface that enables you to customize your preferences as you wish per time. You and members of your team can stay in charge by picking and choosing what devices to use, what messages to mark as read/unread, sent or deleted, etc.

We put the power back in your hands.

Presence and Chat

Members of your team can easily update their presence on the mobile communicator app. Each user in your team can easily select their current status from their profile sections. Chat is fully synced between all users’ devices (Desktop & Mobile).

Members of your team can rename, add participants or start conference calls from existing group chats. Chat messages can be copied by long pressing on the message bubble, making it a fully immersive experience.

SMS & MMS Features

In addition to all the other features, you can send and receive SMS and MMS messages from your Communicator application. This keeps all the conversations and media files (like videos, pictures, audio clips, GIFs) on one application, rather than several.

Both SMS and MMS notifications (internal or external) act the same as the chat notifications – when a message is received, a notification pops up.

File Sharing

Members of your team can easily send images, videos, documents, or any kind of files that don’t exceed the file limit set in PBXware. This keeps all collaborations amongst team members all in one app, saving the time of moving from application to application within a device.


Communicator allows you to join static and dynamic conferences on the system, check conference participants and invite new users to the conference.

Call Recording

This feature enables you to start a call recording at any moment during a call (internal or external). Once the call recording is started for the call, the indicator on the ongoing call screen shows that the recording is active.

Visual Voicemail

Communicator allows you to easily manage your voicemail messages from you mobile device. You get a notification if you have a voicemail ensuring you never miss a memo.

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