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SonicVoIP's Softphone brings advanced telephony features to your computer desktop. Through a softphone, Sonic Systems lets you control your desk phone, launch calls, transfer calls, and perform other complex telecommunications operations directly through a software solution.

VoIP softphones is a popular, cutting-edge technology that has been improving productivity and efficiency for business in Apple Valley, Victorville, Hesperia, and all across the globe.

Office installations

An entire telecommunications suite on your computer

The modern business telephone is still essentially the same as it was three decades ago, but it doesn't have to remain that way. The softphone system integrates directly with desktop computers so that users can control calls from within a standard computing environment, such as their laptop or desktop PC.

In doing so, you drastically improve the efficiency of your employees. Employees will be able to use their phone line anywhere when they have their laptop, and their call service will be enhanced with a variety of telecommunications features, such as Do Not Disturb mode and Transfer to Voicemail.

Softphones can even integrate with your customer relationship management suite, improving your customer service.

Launch calls straight from your computer
Work seamlessly as if you were in the office
Send texts, voicemails, and other features
Make calls from customer relation software
Office installations

Reduced costs and improved efficiency with sonicVoIP softphones

A major advantage of the softphone system is that you don't need to have a deskphone at all. In fact, you can make and receive calls from your company's office VoIP phone system directly from the computer just using a headset.

Headsets are in use throughout calling centers for years because they are more comfortable and more ergonomically-friendly. A headset lets your employees in Victorville and elsewhere comfortably type and work on the computer while talking. Even better, they are usually far less expensive than traditional business telephone handsets.
No additional softphone licensing fees
Take your extension everywhere you go
Headset provides ergonomic alternative
No need for third party messaging systems
Office installations

Lightning fast deployment and incredible ease-of-use

Installing a Sonic Systems softphones solution is as easy as installing software on a Mac or Windows computer. Softphones integrates with SonicVoIP and other Sonic solutions, creating an all-in-one calling solution for local Victorville and Apple Valley businesses.

As a VoIP solution, softphones do not require costly equipment. Instead, everything can run off your existing architecture and an existing Internet line. As a consequence, training your employees for a transition to softphones is incredibly easy, as simple as using a computer.
No special training is required
No new hardware is needed
Scale up to thousands of extensions
Available on a variety of devices
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“Highly recommend them to anyone needing computer or networking solutions.”

Sean Jaussi
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