Desktop Communicator

Get real-time, crystal clear and always available video, voice, and chat communication functionalities on any device, at any time.

Desktop Communicator App

This is a unique and all-encompassing desktop communication app designed to upgrade your business communications. With this, PBXware (our VoIP Telephony Platform) is integrated to give you an all-in-one-interface experience for audio conference, instant messaging, video Call, fax, and more.

The goal is to simplify your day-to-day communication and collaboration experience, helping you save time and up to 50% of your communications budget. It packs everything you need for a successful collaboration with your staff including IP phone integration, softphone, messaging, conferencing, CRM access, faxing, file transfer functionality and much more.

All features that your team needs are neatly organized in a single desktop application interface with great user experience. It is available on all major desktop platforms, in order to maximize efficiency and productivity.

Unified Communications on both Desktop & Mobile

This was designed to make communications seamless, regardless of the device available for use. With unified communications, you can stay in touch with your team and even your clients on any device, as long as you are securely logged in.

Take your office with you while on the move. With our oversight and support, you never have to miss a work call, choose what devices to redirects unanswered calls to in real time. What's more? you can securely move an ongoing call from one device to another without breaking the flow.

PBX Telephony Platform

With our cloud and IP-hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) telephone system, we are able to ensure your internal and external telecommunications is fully managed with a drastically reduced cost compared to legacy telecommunications systems.

With our managed PBX telephone system, we are able to reduce cost, enhance productivity and improve your business' day-to-day communications. With cloud hosted PBX, you don't have to worry about security breaches, hardware maintenance, and other issues that come with onsite telephone systems.

At Sonic VoIP, we ensure your internal and external communications are seamless, no matter what. You can rely on our managed support to keep you secure and effective on all your phone lines.

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