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Are you still spending a fortune on slow, rigid, and high-maintenance traditional phone lines?

Like every other business, the last thing you want is to feel crippled in your internal or external communications, unable be reached or reach others right when you need to. For such a long time, small to medium-sized businesses have been stuck with traditional phone lines for their telecommunication needs. and we say stuck because we know exactly how it feels.

From dropped phone calls to expensive routine maintenance to outdated solutions that do not meet the 21st-century SMB's needs, it's safe to say that the era of legacy systems has come to an end. Your employees deserve an atmosphere where collaboration can be seamless, instant, and done all in one place, in order to get more real work done with less time!

That's where VoIP phone systems come in, to help you save money for your small business while getting customized solutions that give you the capacity to grow even faster.

Amplify your business voice

What exactly is VoIP technology

VoIP stands for Voice over internet protocol (Voice over IP for short). It is a telecommunication technology that enables you to turn any device into a telephone and make calls over the internet rather than landline copper cables. So rather than requiring on-premise hardware to determine connections, you only need to make calls to any device is a good internet connection (which you already have and use as a company).

In addition to the many advanced features that VoIP has over its legacy competitors, it also has auto-attendant and customized call routing automatically ensures no calls are kept waiting with no one to respond. So for example, if the team member that should attend to a call is out for lunch, the calls are re-routed to the next available team member that can attend to such calls.

With VoIP services, both outbound calls and inbound calls are remarkably easier to manage and attend to, and the reason is simple. Rather than having to get to the office to make an urgent call, you can turn your own device into the office landline on the go and get work done.

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They Built my company two solid systems.. I would say that Tim was great to work with and they delivered the systems we needed on time as promised. We recommend them to businesses we work with.

MediaWeb Pros

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We've had various network and internet issues at our company, including a massive server fail. Sonic Systems was able to completely salvage our data, and provide us with excellent results each and every time. Highly recommend them to anyone needing computer or networking solutions.

Sean Jaussi

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I've had the pleasure of using Sonic for 2 years now at my business, Vern's Glass. They are always right on top of any problem that comes up. I recently posed a question to Tim about the QuickBooks program the company has been using for several years. Tim offered a solution that's going to save my small business some serious money and we all know how important that is. If you have a need for a company like Sonic, don't hesitate to call them!

Vicki Langley

A VoIP provider you can trust

How can SonicVoIP help slash your telecom budget in half as your VoIP service provider?

Beyond being one of the top VoIP service providers in Los Angeles, at SonicVoIP, we pride ourselves as experts in hosted VoIP phone systems. we have been actively providing phone services to small and medium businesses since 2005, helping them make communications seamless while cutting costs.

With our many years of experience in the VoIP industry, we have the expertise and insight to transform your phone system into a cloud-based phone system with little or no downtime. In no time, you can start experiencing the ease in communication and collaboration that all our customers experience with the business VoIP system.

Using the VoIP phone system, you can choose to maintain your business phones or get new ones, whatever your preference, we enable you to get the best out of VoIP. More than just one of the other VoIP providers, we become a true partner with your business, pointing you in the right direction every step of the way.

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The SonicVoIP difference

Limitless phone calls, users, and video conferencing

Rather than being stuck to one mode of communication, at SonicVoIP, we make it possible for you to can expand your options and be absolutely limitless. No matter the devices or even the phone numbers, you can easily switch out on the go and get real work done as long as you have internet access.

Flat rate billing with Competitive Pricing

We operate with a flat-rate billing for your company per month, with no surprise bills and no unplanned expenses (quite unlike other VoIP service providers). As your VoIP provider, we ensure that you can see just what your money achieves in terms of results every single month.

Advanced features with easy setup

Your desktop apps stay connected as you get a clean all-in-one-place interface for all things communications, saving you the time you could have spent searching for apps to pass a simple message across.

Custom caller ID
(Keep or determine your phone numbers)

You get to determine how your calls look to the receiver with our fully customizable system. If you want to keep your custom 0800 number, you can. If you want to switch it out for something more in-brand, the choice is yours to make with one easy setup.

Voicemail to email with VoIP phone systems

With this unique feature of our VoIP provider of choice, small businesses in Los Angeles have been able to stay on top of all inbound communications. A client left you a voicemail? no worries, it gets immediately sent to your email address of choice.

On-hand support and Support for remote teams

Not only do we provide our customers with the best phone system, but we also take our relationship further by providing you with 24/7 hands-on support. If you ever need our help, we quickly get on the phone with you and fix the situation immediately (sometimes right on the call).

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Your small business deserves more

Serving Los Angeles CA businesses since 2005...

Communication is the backbone of every company. At SonicVoIP, we are a VoIP service provider that makes enterprise-grade phone systems available to small business clients in Southern California. We have expertise, skillset and equipment to ensure that you have no issues with your phone systems in perpetuity!

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They are awesome. They are ready to help out and do so in a timely manner.

Jennifer Waters

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You get what you pay for. I have had them build a computer for me and do data recovery and build an external hard drive. You can find stuff cheap on the internet and it might work and it might not. The stuff these guys sell you works and they stand behind it.

Dave Burgess

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We've been using Sonic for years for our small business and personal computer & IT needs, and have loved working with them.I know that beyond a doubt, I can count on Sonic to bail me out of any minor OR major computer issues. Thank you, Tim, Ryan, Nathan & Rebecca for friendly, professional and great service!

Kristi L

Enter: the VoIP system

We are offering 100% free consultation on all things VoIP to Southern Californian Businesses!

In this free consultation with our top VoIP experts and strategists, you get to learn how you can take your phone systems from "OK" to AMAZING all under 1 month, with or without our services.

We would be answering all your questions. You would learn...
Exactly how we are able to slash your phone costs by 50% and how you can do that yourself
How some other VoIP service providers in Los Angeles make more money off businesses with long winding contracts
How to consistently have crystal clear audio and video conferencing, no matter what
How VoIP systems can save members of your staff over 15 minutes of productive time everyday
And much more

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“Reliable, trust-worthy, honest, competent and great customer service! Highly recommended.”

Chris Lamoreaux
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