Why choose Sonic

What sets SonicVoIP apart from the sea of other options out there? That’s simple, quality.

At SonicVoIP

we focus on quality over quantity. From the time we discuss your needs, to installation day, to ongoing support, our friendly and knowledgeable team are there for you to ensure you have the highest quality experience every step of the way. Most of the “other guys” focus on volume and sales. They ship you some phones, an instruction manual, and wish you the best…

We find that approach cold and impersonal.

Instead, with Sonic you will be assigned a dedicated member of our team to stand right beside you through theentire process. With thousands of phones deployed over more than a decade, we have the process down. The end result is the exact system you need, tailored to your specific needs and nothing for you to stress about.

You’re already here, why not spend 60 seconds to get your free quote to see how SonicVoIP can help you today!